About the company

We are a dynamic company offering professional logistics and transport services for all types of cargo throughout the country, Europe and the world. Our company was established in Dzierzgoń in January 2008.

During our several years of operation, we have gained thorough experience in the transport industry and today we can proudly say that we are really good at what we do. We provide transport and forwarding services, but also operate distribution warehouses and design logistics solutions for our contractors.

In addition, we also manufacture wooden pallets. Hoping that our offer will also prove interesting to you, we look forward to working with you.

Why us?

By choosing to work with 'Maksimiliana Poland', our partners can be sure that they have made a good decision. For us the customer is the most important! With a close-knit and experienced team, we provide a first-class service!


According to the Road Transport Act, in order to carry out intermediation in the carriage of goods by road, both nationally and internationally, it is necessary to obtain a licence to carry out national road haulage as well as a financial security of 50.000 EUR. We would like to inform you that we meet the above conditions and have the licence no. 0107290, issued by the Mayor of Sztum. In addition, our business is insured for 1.000.000 PLN.